Premiere: Niv Ast – Before I Let You Go (Yovav Remix)


The letter was the last reminder left of her presence. He looked downwards towards the fireplace, the roaring flames swallowing up every one of her last possessions. The wood burned black and the smoke billowed from the chimney of the lonely cottage. His mind was on fire, he read it once more before he let her go and then cast it out of reach, She disappeared into the darkness of the night, out of sight, out of mind. He went to bed, awaiting the dawn. 

Niv Ast recently released "Before I Let You Go" as part of BLDG5's compilation "Nightingale Floor". The track has since been remixed by Autarkic and Yovav respectively, it is the latter which we bring to you exclusively. Listen to the Malka Tuti affiliated artist's version below: 

Buy the release from the 20th of February HERE

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