Premiere: Nigm – Hephaïstos


The galaxy burst into life as the spaceship careered between exploding stars and flying comets. Out here in the depths of space there was little daylight and all that surrounded their tiny rocket was a dense foggy black but for the occasional sporadic boom and a flash. Noise echoed all around, a drone like sound which shook your insides to the very core, it was sickening yet strangely pleasant to feel so at odds with ones self amidst chaotic circumstances. This was living, this was life. That which lay back down there was not a comparison to the wild and wonderful experiences that you might find when dancing between the stars on a cosmic exploration…

Nigm appears on a new release titled "Crysta Ampullaris". The split EP is forthcoming and will be released by La Forge collective: the record itself is a top tier showcase of broody electronics and pensive dancefloor groovers. 

Listen below:

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