Premiere: Nightwave – Rainbow Body


He danced with electric colours, his body glimmering with flickering, glowing light. He was caught beneath the shimmering rays of a strobe and would be there until next morning, it was if he had been caught in some sort of perpetual motion in which there was no retreat. A rainbow body moving beneath the hedonistic haze of flashing beams and foggy smoke. This was his zone, his space, his theory. When daylight rose he would forget it all and retreat back into the bitter coil of reality, but for now this was it. 

Dixon Avenue Basement Jams recently launched a new sub label – Neutralizer Records. The Glasgow imprint has tapped Nightwave for the second EP, a local hero and a stalwart of techno, bass and all things that bang in the North. The EP is great and has been going down well in the clubs, we have first hand proof, this one has been on heavy rotation. 

Listen below: