Premiere: Neu Verboten – Church Of Sins

Dancefloor Memories_FINAL 2000_02

A new compilation from Proxima invites artists to recount their dance floor epiphanies.

On the floor the outside world no longer mattered; only the soundwaves that controlled the body, the freedom the space offered and the ways in which these experiences could expand the mind. Those memories never left you, etched firmly into your brain forever. They helped you through the working week, through the trials and tribulations of daily life, for these were the moments where you could truly be you, without judgment and without expectation.


Proxima is the brainchild of Swiss DJ Audrey Danza and Nicolas Oggier, the director of Swiss club Motel Campo, where Audrey has been resident for three years. Founded in 2020, the label is focused on vinyl reissues of forgotten gems in the realms of Italo Disco, new beat and experimental, but for the first time they’re moving into the world of digital for a new compilation that is part of a broader project of podcasts dedicated to the dance floor, which will be broadcast on Swiss national radio at the end of the year.

For ‘Dancefloor Memories’, 10 artists have been enlisted to create original pieces of music, which will each be accompanied by them recounting their experience of an epiphany in the dance. Artists featured include Powder, Eva Geist, BSS, Epsilove, NVST and many more, with our pick from Neu Verboten getting a special digital remix from Audrey too.


Dancefloor Memories will be released on 14th December.