Premiere: Najem Sworb – Lp


Once more we've managed to wiggle an exclusive premiere from R$N favourites, Days of Being Wild, with their second release in their LP series (after Piano Interrupted’s Two By Four) from French producer and Strasbourg based android Najem Sworb simply entitled LP. They've also rather kindly gifted us all a free download of a track from the album: Hardchor.

After the warm neoclassicism of Piano Interrupted, they go back to the future to visit much colder reaches with Najem’s Sworb’s LP.

Best known for his releases on AI and Clone, Najem Sworb’s music finds its roots, both stylistically and spiritually in the origins of techno and Detroit’s pioneers but also early 2000’s minimalists such as Villalobos or Isolée.

Whilst the listener willing to sit attentively from beginning to end, will begin to notice that the album echos the beginning constructions of a techno set, LP oscillates between techno for frozen landscapes and a world deserted of humans and blunt, industrial assault from the terminators of Skynet.

End of the world music you could say then…

Listen below and let us know your thoughts!