Premiere: n9oc – Explorer 2.0

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

Enthralling soundscapes take flight on a new white label edition from Die Orakel.

Careering through the red sandy desert it was hard to see through the fog. There was but a faint line in which the sky met the open plains before them as they bounced and shuffled atop the dusty outback in their little buggy.

From time to time they’d catch a brief glimpse through the smog to see the sunlight up above but sooner than it had come it would vanish in a flash plunging them once again into the smokey abyss of the great unknown.

The journey had always been a perilous one, even in the best of conditions and circumstances it was a challenge for the most ardent of adventurers.


This was what separated them from the rest, an explore 2.0 if you will. The keenest of the keen and the only team that might be able to transcend the reckless wasteland which was this red desert of chaos.

Frankfurt producer n9oc releases a new EP on Die Orakel, a futuristic release which draws influence from UK bass, deconstructed club sounds and Techno. It’s as pensive as it is euphoric in moments.

Listen to Explorer 2.0′ below:



Grab the release HERE.