Raw Culture remaster works of 80s Italian postrock-industrial group Tasaday


Italian label Raw Culture have dug into the material of 80s Italian post-rock band Tasaday to share a collection of remastered music.

The research project began three years ago when the label started digging through the group’s countless catalogue of cassette releases.

The result is Echi Senza Fine, a 14-track LP complete with two digital bonus cuts that’s been remastered and released on vinyl for the first time, alongside visual art and text from their original fanzines.


The group drew inspiration in name from a 1971 media story that reported on a tribe in the Philippines who apparently had technology that had stood still in the Stone Age. Using various DIY tools and blending these with traditional instruments, the band’s sound was a distorted buzz of industrial sounds, post-rock sensibilities and forward-thinking spoken word and vocals.

The label share a quotation from Marcello Ambrosini, author of Post-Industriale, a book documenting this music movement in Italy during the 80s, which comments on the band: “the Tasadays find in Die Form the controlled destruction of the form after its careful design and construction, while in Nulla Iperreale the spontaneity free from any possible superstructure. They declare themselves new primitives, not in the perspective of a nostalgic return to a pre-industrial or prehistoric external world, but in the exception of an inner experience in stark contrast to the leviathan of the single utilitarian thought that has dominated the West for centuries.”

The coming together of members of Die Form and Orgasmo Negato, Tasaday formed in 1982 in Brianza, Italy. They were active until the 90s, in which time they shared three LPs, a CD, a countless number of cassettes and performed many live shows and radio transmissions.

A1 Il Principe Delle Modificazioni
A2 Il Respiro Si Blocca
A3 Il Castello (Dedicato A F. Kafka)
A4 La Notte è piena di echi
A5 Madame Edwarda Parte 1
A6 Madame Edwarda Parte 2
A7 L’uomo è morto
B1 Spiragli In Spazi
B2 L’isola Nuda
B3 Un Passo Precipitato
B4 Effigi Inquietanti
B5 Al dio ignoto
B6 Potrebbe Dire Il Tipografo Hans
B7 Contenta Dei Deserti

Echi Senza Fine will be released on 23rd January.