Premiere: Genius Of Time – Endless

5 Minute Read

Deep melodic House with delicate undertones for big rooms.

The night went on and on, lost in a fog watching as the flickering and flashing lights moved in the distance. He was sat by the riverside looking back on the city as it buzzed and whizzed as if it were some strange organism with its own life source.

It was endless, the throb and movement of people and things, weaving between concrete structures with their own agendas and priorities. At least so they thought.

Soon it would be daylight and a new warmth would wash away the sins of the evening, for now they were messy and lost within the haze.


Genius of Time are set to release a new EP paying homage to their take on a ‘big room’ sound and the ‘tropes’ of dance music. They do so in their own exquisite style with intricate production and subtle nods to that which have come before.

Listen below: