Premiere: Mubashira Mataali Group – Obufumbo Bwa Kati (Today’S Marriage)


The dusty streets were home to some of the best people that he had ever known, their houses lined the town proudly as they watched humbly from within. Their wordly possessions were not vast and sprawling unlike the emperors, kings and queens in the big city but they lived with an easy grace which was hard to find. By night they danced beneath the starlight, the dust beneath their feet blew under the howl of the wind as they moved. It was fascinating to watch and observe a people so happy and content with so little. This was their world. 

Blip Discs demonstrate their versatility as a record label as they release a new EP in collaboration with the Mubashira Mataali Group from Kampala in Uganda. Eclectic and ethereal this one is a touch special and highly unique. Listen below: 

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