Premiere: MR TC – 20/44


The metal body of the plane shook as it hurtled down the runway, and a deafening rumble drowned out all other noise, he felt the pressure on his torso as the speed pushed him back into his seat. He’d never got used to flying, even though he had to do it regularly, he thought it was strange to become accustomed to something that felt so extraordinarily terrifying. But all of these thoughts faded away as the plane ascended into the night sky. He peered out the tiny window as the ground moved further away, and the lights that kept the city illuminated transformed into an abstract formation of glowing grids and lines. He thought it wouldn’t be long till he was back in Belgrade, and all the feelings of terror seemed worth it.

MR TC’s ‘20/44’ comes from a compilation presented by Orchid-AM, an artist management agency based in Manchester. For Unity Orchid has asked some of the artists on their roster to come up with new music within seven days, and considering the impact that the pandemic has had on the live music industry, each artist has dedicated their track to a club that they hold close to their heart, and all the sales will be shared equally between the artists and the clubs. This particular track is a downtempo electro affair, with classic drum machine sounds, droning synths and gated vocals. The club it borrows its name from is a small club in a boat moored on the Sava river in Belgrade, dancers know it for its special views of the morning sun.