Premiere: Monophonik – Subdue


Everywhere you looked kaleidoscopic colours greeted you, from the shop fronts and myriad of towering signs to the flurry of people going about the daily business on their vibrant automobiles and bicycles. It was difficult to make it from point A to point B without stopping to take in the sights around you, let alone making your way through the bustling crowd. It was a treat for the senses, a harmonic chaos…

For their first full release, New Delhi-based techno imprint Qilla Records welcome modular synth enthusiast and sound synthesist Monophonik. Always seeking to push the boundaries of electronic music, he crafts meticulously designed rhythms and complex chord voicings, that continuously defy categorisation. His forthcoming Resume Form EP reflects the bustling streets of the Indian capital, where automobiles, vibrant inhabitants and the occasional cow exist in harmony. Sonically this is imagined through Monophonik’s improvisational experiments; a carefully controlled chaos of delicate synth movements, sub drones and broken rhythms.