Premiere: Mondowski – Sholay


The car gathered speed, picking up dust as it hurtled down the road. Time didn't seem to matter when they were on the road. They had nowhere to be, no commitments or prior engagements to worry about. Now, the thrill of the chase was the only thing that kept them alive. They didn't know what they were chasing or where they'd end up. They just had to keep moving. 

A close part of London party Snap, Crackle & Pop's family, Frenchman Mondowski makes his long-awaited full debut on their label arm with his Sholay EP. Having lent a hand on production duties for the label's inaugural and fourth releases, his solo debut sees him explore a more club-orientated sound than his previous post-punk and new wave inspired releases for both Ombra International and Relish Recordings.

Title song 'Sholay' is certain to transcend dancefloors, bringing together 80s electro influences, driving synths and deftly sourced samples while the B-Side showcases the darker side of Mondowski's productions. The title track and the flip get the rework treatment from Pinkman's Kris Baha and Multiple Man respectively, each putting their signature spin on the originals.