Premiere: Moisk – Democrazy


Everyone shuffles up the stairs, poorly attempting to find their seats before the lights start to dim. The final customers rush to their seats as the lights are extinguished, obnoxiously bumping into every person who’s just made themselves comfortable, some even knocking over an array of different sticky treats. A communal sense of excitement coats the air on this room full of absolute strangers. The suspense rapidly builds after each advert, the whole room are on the edge of their seats, then suddenly…

Dutch label I Lost My Poncho In Istanbul call upon Moisk, a collaboration between Pletnev AKA Ponty Mython and Fourmï Rouz, for their latest release Paupio Genome. Our pick is an obscure acid track entitled ‘Democrazy’ which carefully balances UK bleep techno-inspired hat patterns with a squelchy 303 bassline and repetitive spooky chants.