Premiere: Mlin Patz – July


The month was a signpost for fun, a guidance for adventure and a sign to go outside. July was a special time of year – there was a warmth in the air which cast a spell through the minds of those lucky enough to dance beneath the glow of the golden, orange rays. The long grass blew softly upon the breeze as the tall trees looked down upon the revellers who had gathered in the park with eager intent. They would bathe in the heat which crisped their skin and sing songs about cloudy days. 

Muscut continue to intrigue, the abstract experimental label and collective has acted as a platform for a wealth of fresh faced musicians and producers. No two releases are the same and the music is often as odd and subjective as it is listenable. We like that..

A new EP from Mlin Patz offers up perhaps what is one of the most accessible releases in the catalogue to date – a heady mixture of dub, balearic melodies and subtle instrumentation. 

Listen below: