Premiere: Miraclis – Scienter (Smagghe + Cross Under Dub)

5 Minute Read
Written by Alasdair King

An eerie reincarnation of a track taken from the forthcoming Miraclis album.

The darkness was ominous and thick, there was little to be seen but for the faint flickering glow of torches as the procession made its way slowly through the forest and into the fields beyond. Watching on from above, it were as if the gatherers were a glowing procession of tiny ants, illuminated orange and gold as they walked away from the foothills.

They would not be back. No, by the time the war was over they would be long gone. He on the other hand would be safe, locked here in his prism of power, away from the skirmishes and scraps, safe from the worrisome world of battle and strife.

He took a firm draw on his pipe and lit the fire. He would never be defeated.


Chilean producer Miraclis is set to release a new album on Secret Teachings. This next single acts as a further introduction to a promising musician and the label has done well to bring on board the prowess of Ivan Smagghe and Rupert Cross to remix proceedings.

Together they have collaborated to create mutant versions of a track called ‘Scienter’ – each version as weird, wonderful and haunting as the last.