Premiere: Minimal Drone GRL – Improvement District No.12


The structure was solid, at least that was something. The building site had been sitting empty for many months now, work had ceased and the frame of the new house was all that stood in the desolate field. It was supposed to be their home but for now it was just an improvised shell, wobbling precariously in the blowing wind and the thundery showers. One day he hoped that he might live here, in solitude, away from the cruel, cold world which lay beyond the hill. This was to be the escape from it all and a chance for something new amidst a district unknown. 

Minimal Drone GRL is set to release a debut LP on Scottish record label Bricolage, an imprint with a wide back catalogue which has been maintained and curated as much for the love of music as anything else. The new album is a beautiful assortment of delicate ambient soundscapes and elegant electrics. 

Listen below: 

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