Premiere: Mesak – Palic


Pensive, experimental electronics from Mesak on Night Defined.

There were strange shapes scattered across the sky, they were a reminder that they weren’t alone out here. Floating through the night sky towards a destination unknown, she watched from a little window at the flickering stars and the dancing comets which weaved between the shadowy clouds and murky black.

She had once thought that space was a scary place but not now. How could she when it was now the only place left to call home? Perhaps that was the same with all fear – it was simply a case of inhabiting it, living amongst it until the threat began to disappear and perspective was realigned.


Night Defined is an Austrian electronic music label based in Salzburg and founded by Juergen Vonbank. It has evolved over the years having released an eclectic array of music from the likes of SW, Șerb, Eduardo De La Calle and more.

The latest split EP to emerge on the label features tracks from Mesak, Nurah, Mary Yalex and Even Tuell. It is Mesak’s which we bring to you today.