Kassian announce brand new label ‘Faux Poly’

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London duo Kassian inaugurate their brand new label Faux Poly with an EP titled ‘Chance Is Our Greatest Ally’.

Signalling a new musical direction for the pair, the label will be a space for them to showcase a deeper, hardware-based sound they’ve been working on, as well as providing a platform for emerging producers and friends and peers.

Conceived in their Hackney Wick Studio ’38East’, the release sees them dive into the realms of heavy techno and sets the tone for what we can expect from the duo and the label in the future.


Speaking about the label, Kassian said: “Faux Poly is our outlet for experimenting with our process to make genuinely unique dance music, focussing on the idea that the best sounds are not imagined and then created, they are discovered. Each release will be based around a different concept or theme; both the process used to create the music and an aesthetic that runs through each record.

Kassian are Warren Cummings and Joe Danvers who’ve previously released their cocktail of sample-based house and electronica on Phonica’s White series, as well as self-releasing a run of vinyl-only edits called ‘Kassian Versions’.

The pair will be throwing a party to celebrate the launch of the label on 23rd April at The Carpet Shop, pre-registration is now open.

Listen to ‘San Junipero’.