Premiere: Matthieu Faubourg – Infinity (Frits Wentink Remix)


The night had only just begun but already he was dreaming of the glistening stars and their pearly lights a million miles away. Like fireflies against the backdrop of black he was in his own world, his own infinity in which there was nobody else but him. It was an opportunity to escape and rejoice in the reckless freedom and carelessness of the great beyond. Some called him selfish as he danced by himself, oblivious to the shouts and conversations of others. What use were they here? What use were they to him? The great beyond called out with all he needed for the night and a lifetime to come. 

Matthieu Faubourg is set to release a house tinged EP on Strctr, an elegant, sophisticated, melodic affair which is tied up in a perfect package by Frits Wentink and Leo Pol. This one has been on regular rotation already and comes highly recommended. 

Listen below: