Premiere: Mathew Ferness – Dreams


Beneath the cloak of darkness his imagination ran wild as fantasies and electric visions flickered and flashed between his ears. These were dreams from another dimension, images being blasted into his awareness from a place far beyond the realms of our understanding and comprehension. This was outer space and the life which existed amidst these far flung planets was nothing like that he'd ever known of down on planet earth. Careering between the stars he dreamt of wild expeditions and cosmic adventures as the elements of a galaxy flashed and fluttered in his dense, populated periphery. This was freedom. 

Mathew Ferness features on a new split EP being released by Live Ones, the record label run by London based producer and dj, Lorca. The release features appearances from Windows, Intr0beatz, Keith Lorraine and Lorca himself. 

Listen below: