Premiere: Mat Playford – Each Other (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)


The airport was silent, only the low buzz of the tannoy system could be heard. She'd waited hours to watch his plane take off. She didn't know when she would see him again. It could be months, years, maybe longer… Right now, it didn't bear thinking about. Her focus must remain on the times they'd shared and that when they meet again, it would feel as if no time had passed. They only needed each other. 

Following a near 10 year hiatus from releasing music, Social Problem boss Mat Playford returned last year with a two tracker for Awesome Soundwave. He follows it up this year with an EP for DJ and producer Anna Wall's The Bricks, that exhibits his dexterity at working with synths and keys. The originals are backed by two remixes, one from Anna, which marks the first she's released on her own label, and another transcendental and emotive acid take from Applied Rhythmic Technology boss Kirk Degiorgio.