Premiere: Mascaras and Powder – RealGold


Empty shells scattered across the plane, the last drops of pure liquid evaporating into the furnace. Acid rain etches away natures structure, fierce tempests shift the least resistant. Beaten by the demise of all that was once loved, those that endure stand with fortitude, strength and resilience. Forgotten their once opulent existence, gone and forgotten, their dreams seep into reality and hydrate the otherwise infertile surface.

Cocktail D’Amore celebrate 10 years with ‘’NOTHING MATTERS WHEN WE'RE DANCING VOL. 10” – a 3xLP compilation featuring a host of the label's artists. Two of which; Powder and Mascaras merge together to mine for minerals – 'RealGold'. Through rhythmic hand percussion and drum machines the pair create a powerful presence and uncompromising atmosphere. 'RealGold' takes you for the journey but doesn’t hold your hand.