Premiere: Mary Lake – Dribble


The pitched rooftops of post-industry, now home to starving artists and the socially-ravenous, boom with opposing force. As the remaining dregs of sunlight draw closed, summer babies are left to fend from themselves, whilst those with a fetish for night display their colours, or lack thereof. Where there was once pockets of socially-distanced warehouse dwellers, clambering for a break from their live-in greenhouses, the now desolate road is lined with deflated pools and an orchards worth of empty Scrumpy Jacks. 

Hailing from Utrecht, the Carista-manned United Identities releases its very first compilation, ‘Modern Intimacy Volume 1’. Across its 10 tracks, the album serves to showcase some of best rising talent across the Netherlands, with an eclectic mix spanning the electronic music spectrum. Our pick, ‘Dribble’ by Mary Lake, is an Acid Techno stomper of apocalyptic proportions. With its jacking rhythms and caustic bassline, the track makes us pray that the dancefloors open up just that little bit sooner.