Premiere: Mark E – Rain


The sky was a soft delicate shade of blue but that didn’t stop it from falling upon them. Where had the rain come from? Why was it here on today of all days? As they walked upon the shore, looking out upon the splashes atop the ocean and the soft waves which rolled in against the sandy beach, they held one another’s hands. Perhaps this would be the last time, for soon they would be long gone from here and all that would be left might be the remnants and puddles of a day lost in time. 

Mark E is a bit of a UK legend if you will, we don’t say that lightly. For over fifteen years he has been producing music which has delighted and intrigued dancefloors the world over, he is infamous for weaving samples throughout his work like a rich tapestry and his music is reminiscent of the golden era of house, funk and disco in which the dancer was king. This new EP is forthcoming on 18437. 

Listen below: