Premiere: Man Jumping – In The Jungle (Bullion Remix)


Bright green climbers and twisted branches flanked their route through the jungle, a sight much more welcoming than the daily grind of the city they'd left behind. Everything was different here in the wilderness. The air was fresh and clean, and there was no sound of oncoming traffic or people arguing on the train to work. The only noises that filled the air were of bird song or the subtle chirping of crickets. Here, it was peaceful. Everything that came before felt like a distant memory…

At the beginning of the month London-based label Emotional Rescue reissued avant-garde group Man Jumping's first album Jumpcut, which first came out in 1984 on Cocteau Records. Mixing elements of post-punk, avant-garde, jazz and synth-pop, the group created a unique sound that took inspiration from Steve Reich's repetitive experimentation style. As two appendices to the album reissue, label head Chuggy asked Khidja to take on one set of remixes and, on the other remix EP, Reckwrong, William Doyle, Gengahr and Bullion offer up their own versions of the originals.