Premiere: Malugi feat. Malinka – Guetta


At a distance you could tell how busy the tiny bar was: motorcycle fanatics spilled out onto the pavement and an excited and persistent murmur filled the air, growing louder as you approached the small crowd. The packed dive bar was a spectacle, full of “hardly distancing” patrons and staff laboriously pouring cocktails into plastic half pint glasses. After so long with minimal human contact, it was a captivating sight to see.

The next instalment from Marlon Hoffstadt’s Savour The Moment comes in the form of Cologne-based producer Malugi’s debut EP, The Homies. Matteo Luigi, as Malugi, shares ‘Guetta’, part of a collection of dancefloor-focused tracks inspired by reminiscing about times with spent his mates (pre-lockdown one would assume). Although it’s uncertain if there’s a correlation between David “shout out to his family” Guetta and the track, the latter delivers with urgency; an energising electro cut propped up by an unrelenting, electrifying beat.