Premiere: Majorettes – Never Sleep


The city came alive at night, awakened from its dormant state. The streets, lit in colours of red, green and purple, rang with the buzz of incessant chatter, brimming with thrill seekers finding a place to house them until the early hours. People stumbled out of one venue and into the next, looking for the next adventure, another surprise waiting for them around the corner. There was so much to discover, this wasn’t a time for sleep.

Two Twirl Recordings veterans have teamed up for the latest release on the Berlin-based label run by DJ and producer Alinka. Majorettes is the new supergroup made up of The Bunker New York affiliate Justin Cudmore and The Carry Nation (Nita Aviance and Will Automagic), who’ve teamed up for a three tracker aimed firmly at the dance floor. Across the EP, titled Records Dept., pulsating rhythms meet haunting vocals, while percussive house frameworks are laced with dramatic pads and breakbeats are propped up by groovy basslines.