Premiere: Mahkina – Aftermath


The alias of Mexican producer Alex Aguayo gears up for the release of his debut album on Diffuse Reality.

For the third time this month the place was had been ransacked. There was shattered glass everywhere, the curtains had been slashed to pieces, and clothes lay strewn across the floor. It was almost as chaotic as the thoughts that clouded his mind; maybe he’d brought this mess on himself? Perhaps his actions had sealed his fate and he’d simply have to deal with the consequences? Again. He knew the aftermath would be catastrophic but he prayed this would be the last time he’d be punished…


Under his given name Mexican producer Alex Aguayo has made a name for himself through his dark, synth-driven electronics which have formed releases on the likes of Paradiso Records, Fucanglong Files, Night Noise and more. His other alias Mahkina is more focused on trance-tinged sounds, moving between slow burners, progressive goodness and straight-up euphoria. So far he’s released EPs on for Haunted Space and U’re Guay, and now he’s hopping across the pond to Barcelona via Argentina imprint Diffuse Reality for his debut long player which brings together all those flavours in one.