Premiere: Love Letters – Ducue


The call of the night welcomed her home. She had ran for thousands of miles by day across the dandy dunes and the grassy plains but something always ensured she returned to her place of rest. "Ducue" echoed out across the night as the stars sparkled in a hazy glow up above. The sky was a pitch, deep black but it was not threatening like it once had been. Now it was still, peaceful and dreamy. Half the world was asleep whilst another roared and rioted. This was far away. 

Love Letters is an artist whom we have supported previously on Ransom Note, an interesting up and comer with a distinct sound reminiscent of the days when house was… better. Yeah, we said it. Anyway, here is a new track on Yield Records, listen to "Ducue" below: 

Visit the Yield bandcamp HERE

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