Premiere: Lou Karsh – Lifeforms


There were strange creatures which floated and wandered beneath the surface of the water as he looked down from his cliff and into the rock pool below. All sorts of unusual life forms danced in the murky depths, an underwater extravaganza bursting with wildlife and wonder. It was beautiful. Radiant colours were perplexing as the sun shimmered and shone down upon the rippling pool. The wind roared in his ears as he looked back along the shore, for he was out there in the middle of nowhere, the sea was his. 

Lou Karsh is set to release a new EP via X-Kalay, a record label which never ceases to disappoint. “Lifeforms” is an eclectic mix of club ready material, however we were most drawn to the melodic twists and the deep brooding pads found on the title track. 

Listen below: