Premiere: Long Island Sound – Alone (But Not Alone)


There was a song and a dance for every occasion in New York city, people paid good money to be entertained of an evening and gave little thought to the poor souls behind the scenes. As the red curtain lifted they were presented with a million whirring lights and the flashing bangs of a drum. One solitary vocalist boomed out across the system, elegant tones built for more than a downtown theatre. The place was falling apart. Cracked ceilings and marked floors, this was not a place of luxury but a dive of demise. The singer was alone, but not alone. 

Long Island Sound are a Dublin via Berlin duo who have crafted a niche for their intricate take on house and breaks, picking up a firm fan base of followers and support along the way. A new EP is set for release on Signs Of Space, a crafty affair. Listen below: