Premiere: Local Suicide & Skelesys – Weird Encounters (Anatolian Weapons)

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Samo Records celebrate five years with their 10th label release.

A thick fog of cigarette smoke hung in the air, conjuring up shapes that flowed and danced before disappearing under the dimly lit lights. The bar was fairly empty bar the few regulars that frequented this spot night on night, and a weird hooded figure sat in the corner who’d barely looked up from his drink since entering. It was rare that outsiders found their way to this place, it was way off the beaten track, but this stranger had somehow infiltrated their space – how and why were a mystery.


Facets’ Samo Records label are celebrating five years with their 10th release, No Evidence, which rallies some good friends of the label together. Local Suicide and Skelesys continue their collaboration with two original cuts inspired by old deceptive novels and a girl’s disorientating journey at a party. These are  backed up by three remixes: a high octane refix from the label boss, an EBM twist from Intergalactic Gary and our pick, an acid-driven rave mix from Anatolian Weapons.