Premiere: Lisene – Class Of ’92


They hurtled down the motorway at full speed, the entire car bundled with bodies tightly packed in like sardines.  Occasionally a head would pop out of the sun roof to bask in the breeze, followed by a lit cigarette butt darting out of the open window. The chatter grew louder as they took the next junction and began to near their destination, with each and everyone throwing in their two cents about missed turnings or short cuts. But soon enough the distant pulsing kicks were the only compass they needed.

Back at it again, Bristol’s Banoffee Pies Records share the 13th release in their original series, this time in the form of a V/A called Common Ground. Bringing together four artists, including Interplanetary Criminal, Sourpuss, Hartta and our pick from one of Space Cadets, Lisene, the release is comprises on a batch of 150bpm+ cuts that tip the hat to their formative inspirations and early musical journeys. Split into two different moods of liquidity, each side moves through influences in Drum & Bass, Jungle, Liquid and UKG, harking back to the UK’s early rave days.