Premiere: LINJA – Chaos In The Gardens Of Istanbul (Darkside)


A single rocky path was the only route up the dusty hill to the ancient gardens. Not many ventured up there, it rarely welcomed visitors anymore. Most of it had been left untouched since it had been a landmark decades ago; dead trees bordered the crumbling walls and the marble fountains were dry from years spent without water. But the place still had a sense of magic about it, even in its decaying state. From the top you could see the whole of Istanbul and from here the city never looked so beautiful…

Lyon's Hard Fist are a label influenced by global and ancestral sounds, their mission to twist these into dance floor focused cuts. Having previously charted releases from Pletnev, Timothy Clerkin, Bawrut and label heads Cornelius Doctor and Tushen Raï, the next comes in the form of volume no 2 of their Princes Of Abzu VA series. The release involves contributions from Mekine U Teksi, Que Sakamoto, Feller, Ayma with Kaan Duuzarat on remix duties, and our pick from LINJA, all of which explore influences ranging from EBM and acid to tribal and darkwave.