Premiere: Leon Revol – Lou Bet Sou


The classroom roared with laughter as the announcement was made. In the corner of the room the teacher watched on with a sense of thoughtful poignancy. Lou had finally beaten Sou and the schoolchildren were delighted by the result. It wasn't often that the class clown received their comeuppance. Often their dominance was what scared and inspired other children into laughter. Now, with a bashful look upon his face Lou walked slowly back to his chair to reflect on the loss. The teacher sighed. 

Leon Revol is set to release a new EP on Beats Of No Nation. It will be the fourth in their catalogue and comes from the24 year old Bordeaux based producer who has previously released music on the likes of Kolour, Secret Reels, Future Disco, and Monologues. Listen to "Lou bet Sou" below: 

Buy the release HERE

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