Premiere: Lena Muir – Alma Vala


Shards of glass lay across the street, twinkling like diamonds under the hot sun. The front windows of the bank were no more. Inside people cowered on the floor while the whirring sound of alarms pierced the air overhead. Pockets and bags full of cash and coins, the robbers clambered out of the window, making for their getaway vehicle. This was the only way of doing things, the only way they'd ever know. For them this was about survival.

After a brief hiatus Berlin-based label Malka Tuti return with a limited edition 7" release from an artist named Lena Muir, real name Bruno Deodato. With only one previous release under his belt for Eye for an Eye records, there's an air of mystery around this alias, however under the guise of Trikk, Bruno is well known for releases on the likes of Optimo, Innervisions, Drumcode and Pets Recordings. As Lena Muir his sound is wildly different. Taking cues from angsty post-punk and new wave, these two driving cuts are perfect for that next bank robbery turned car chase you're planning…