Premiere: LAZA – Cidade Abelha

DSLT0014 Artwork

A fusion of DnB, Brega Funk, Grime and more from the Brazilian artist.

From her window she watched the darkness drive out the sunshine, making way for a blanket of stars and a glowing full moon. This was her favourite time of the day; to her twilight always felt magical and otherworldly. This evening the sky was painted in vibrant shades of red, orange and yellow – it was as though somebody way up above the clouds had taken a torch and set fire to it, and now it was engulfed in roaring flames which could never be extinguished.


DISSOLUTE bring on board Brazilian producer LAZA for a new EP following releases from Pablo Diskko and No_4mat. Described as “an invitation to dance”, the release fuses influences from the electronic music scene in his home with strains of Grime, DnB, Brazilian, Brega and Arrocha Funk, ambient and experimental. Dark, hypnotising and full of textural sound design and crisp beats, LAZA pays homage to places in Brazil, including his hometown, Jataí, “the city of bees” and places in the state of Goiás.