Premiere: Nicky Elisabeth – Into Your Arms

5 Minute Read
DGTL020.3 – Artwork – 3000

A rising producer features on a five year compilation in celebration of DGTL Records.

The night was cold and dark, the clouds were looming thick and heavy overhead as the rain began to pour across the city. In the distance he could see the flickering and flashing of lights as those in the towerblocks returned home from work and then retreated off to bed.

He watched it all but he was not happy to be all alone. For out there, in the cold and the dark was his love and he wanted so very much to find her. To hold her and to fall into your arms.

It might be you after all…


Nicky Elisabeth is set to appear on a special compilation celebrating five years of DGTL Records. She features alongside a stellar cast but her track sits right at home amongst big hitters and key names.

A producer to watch, we reckon this one will work a treat.

Order the record HERE.