Premiere: Agle – Altered States


Ritmo Fatale welcome the Barcelona-based producer for an EP of 80s club sounds.

He wanted to experience something beyond reality, this world was not enough for him. The answers he was searching for would not be found here, he’d need to travel to another dimension to find them, but at what cost? How far would somebody go to reach that state? Would he even find what he was looking for or would it be a complete waste of time? There was only one way to find out…


Kendall and Paul’s Ritmo Fatale imprint enlist the talents of Agle for their next release. Like much of the label discography, the tracks on For Eternity are inspired by 80s sounds, touching on disco, new wave and Italo influences. Working with analogue synths and drum machines Agle crafts a dark and hypnotic soundtrack that bridges the gap between light and dark. Our pick ‘Altered States’ is a crawling, cosmic cut that he describes as “a track which tries to break through the surface of its depths, while being pulled back into a loop with no way out.”


For Eternity will be released on 25th March on Ritmo Fatale.