Premiere: Laurence Matte – 105


Heady, slow burners from the Montreal native on whypeopledance.

The temperature had dropped considerably in the last week; the brief moments of sunshine that promised the beginning of spring were a distant memory now. The cold was blistering, it got underneath your skin and into your bones; it was hardly worth leaving the house. Normally, by this time of year, they’d be welcoming the sunshine and the long, bright days, but things were constantly changing. Who knew what the weather would do from one day to the next.


Montréal-based producer Laurence Matte is up next on whypeopledance’s label schedule. Hot on the heels of her mix for the Lithuanian platform’s LAYER series, she steps up to the plate for Louise: a collection of heady slow burners. Written last winter in her friend’s studio, the track titles tip the hat to the legendary racing horse Monomoy Girl and the title track pays homage to Laurence’s grandma. It’s the latter track that gets an acidic remix from MR TC, while Curses adds his signature 80s touch to ‘105’ to complete the package.


Louise will be released on 11th March via Whypeopledance.