Video Premiere: Moderna – Let’s Have A Ball


The Berlin-based producer and DJ shares a new electro track and video to support identity awareness.

It’s our individualities and distinctions that make us who we are; they’re what make us perfectly imperfect – and this should always be celebrated. Whether it’s the places we frequent, the clothes we wear, the people we hook up with, the company we keep or the way we choose to express ourselves; this is our choice and our choice only. If others don’t like it, that’s their problem. Being the same as the next person is no fun – you are you, and that will always be enough.


Berlin producer, DJ and label owner Moderna serves up a brand new track and video to support identity awareness. Released via her own Brave New Rave, ‘Let’s Have A Ball’ celebrates the normalisation of identity, and empowers listeners to embrace their individuality, rather than focusing on the differences that separate us. A slick, sultry electro track, it’s accompanied by an official video created with the help of Moderna’s niece, Ava Livingstone, that features dancers from the queer community bathed in red light.

Speaking about the theme behind the track, Moderna explains that: “I feel it’s a very significant topic and more people should normalise it. I wrote the lyrics with my trans and non binary friends in mind. The music was actually written many years ago and I finally felt this was the perfect fit to what I wanted to create. Supporting peoples choices of who they identify as is something I firmly believe in and it’s a good track to boot.”


Let’s Have A Ball will be released on 11th March via Brave New Rave.