Premiere: Bex – Science In Sport

5 Minute Read

Mantissa ready a stellar EP from Bristolian producer Bex who holds no punches delivering fast paced, deep moving house cuts for the club.

This moment had been a long time coming, years worth of training and practise came down to a short frame of around ten seconds in which all else hung in the balance. This was not a game, oh no quite the opposite.

As the floodlights dimmed he tried to drown out the noise from the rowdy and excitable crowd of onlookers who knew not who he was or what he was about. For them this was quite simply entertainment, a night on the town and chance to gloat the next day stood by water coolers and over paperwork.

For him this was much more, this was science in sport. He got ready to throw the first punch…


Mantissa release a new EP from Bristol based producer Bex. This is her second release and comes hot off the heels of a late 2021 release which made quite the statement.

This time her energy has been channeled into the return of nightlife and experiences on the dancefloor. Purpose built for the clubs, this one goes deep and “Sport In Science” was our pick of the bunch..

Grab the release here.