Premiere: LaGaSta – Steve (Vito & Druzzi Remix)


There was a darkness which hung thick in the air as he approached the old church on the hillside. He looked back down at the footpath upon which he had tread several miles in search of this ancient ruin by which he hoped would lead to salvation. His name was Steve. It had always been as such and he hoped that as he entered the pearly gates of heaven that it would remain as such. As he opened the creaky old door to the monastery he prepared to leave this earth for good, all its ungodly mess. 

Throne Of Blood have been good friends of Ransom Note for many years and they release some killer music. Their output and consistency has been phenomenal, championing alternative electronic and dance music which has then gone on to receive support from wide sectors of the community. The latest is no exception, a collection of remixes of a track simply titled “Steve” by which Vito & Druzzi are contributors. 

Listen below: