Premiere: Lack – Flutter


The clouds passed by slowly on a dreamy summer afternoon, the leaves began to flutter in the trees as the wind picked up. Down by the canal, people watched the water roll on down the stream towards the central river. The canal was like the veins of the city, passing life between the cells of the system which was swarmed and swamped by people in towerblocks and on high streets. This place was special, it was an escape from the struggle and strife of city living. A chance for something new…

Cong Burn is a record label perhaps underestimated, it has been an outlet for intricate experimentation and has been responsible for the release of music by the likes of Lanark Artefax, BFTT, Howes, Chekov and more. The latest EP features four indirect, forward thinking club tracks with a nod towards IDM. Listen to Lack's "Flutter" below: