Premiere: ¡La Ruta! – Deja Vu Day


They seemed to repeat themselves, rapidly, over and over again. It were as if his memories were on loop to the point by which he didn’t know which way was up or down, which way was right or wrong, which reality was real or not. It was one of those deja vu days, you know the kind when things don’t necessarily make sense but from time to time the pieces come together in a mysterious manner as if the answer had been lived and experienced before. That was it, he walked the city streets in a hazy daze and looked upwards at the skyscrapers and the rain clouds as the people passed by… 

¡La Ruta! is a new collaborative project from Sean Johnston and Martyn Walsh, two musicians with a wealth of experience and knowledge by the thousands. This EP is being released by Days Of Being Wild via a Diggers factory campaign which will likely see the record being released to demand in December. We can’t recommend the whole crew behind this project more, enjoy. 

Listen below:

Order HERE via the Diggers Factory campaign.