Premiere: La Mverte – Rubedo


Paris-based producer La Mverte launches his new label Les Enfers.

On the outside he hadn’t changed, his face looked the same — his eyes remained sunken, his brow still furrowed — but there was something different about his personality. There was a renewed sense of self, he seemed assured, reborn almost, which was a far cry away from the person she’d known before. What had spurred on this change? Where had it come from? She needed a dose of whatever he’d taken…


Paris’ La Mverte has made a name for himself through his slew of releases on Her Majesty’s Ship, which blur the borders between sounds like new wave, electro, acid and dark disco. Now he’s taking matters into his own hands with the launch of his new label Les Enfers, and much like the sonics we’ve come to know him for, the imprint will continue to swirl around dark, hypnotic, punk-tinged sounds.

Titled ‘Alchemy Calls’, the EP sees La Mverte pay homage, in name, to the different alchemical stages associated with working with the prima materia to produce the philosopher’s stone. Backed by two remixes from Javi Redondo and Anatolian Weapons, and featuring a collaboration with Vox Low singer Jean-Christophe Couderc, the original tracks tip the hat to electro and Belgian new beat, driven by gritty machines and filled with raw energy.