Premiere: Kuniyuki & Marcus Henriksson – Stream (Jakam Rework)


The group huddled closely for warmth and safety as they moved quietly through the night. They had reached a cross roads, every path didn't look inviting but they had no choice, they had to choose one. They decided to take the route down the stream. It wasn't the safest one, but the only one that would lead they knew for certain would lead them out of this god forsaken place. They definitely couldn't go back. There was nothing left there for them anymore…

In late 2017 Japanese musician Kuniyuki Takahashi and his Swedish friend Marcus Henriksson – who makes up half of Son Kite / Minilogue – spent a few evenings and n Japan, recording a few jam sessions together. At a later date the artists decided to release the music themselves digitally, calling the sessions “an improvised live recordings”, which then led to the d-N-A Sessions. Further to the release of the sessions, the elusive Japanese Musician JAKAM (who is a friend of both Kuniyuki and Henriksson) decided to rework the two jam tracks, using unique sonics and overlaying percussive rhythms on top of quirky acid lines for mesmerising results.