Premiere: Kuba Sojka – Forgotten Places (Dmk)


In our lifetimes we'll all lose a lot of things – keys, our marbles, weight in the first couple of weeks January before it inevitably piles back on again as your birthday is at the end of January and people buy you so many cakes and chocolates and fatty food and you're unable to resist because you have such terrible willpower and…

Sorry about that, where were we? Ah yes.

It would be truly careless of us if we were to start misplacing entire places but there's not one of us who is able to say that we have no 'Forgotten Places' in our lives. Whether we've chosen to forget these places or they've sadly slipped unnoticed away into the sands of time, they leave us eventually with nout more than a whisper.

Still, at least there are sounds like these from Kuba Sojka to keep us all going;

Multiple Faces is out on 21st September via DMK.