Premiere: Krotone – Altitude


Refraction made her long, scaly limbs look oddly bent inwards. Only the shiny, viscous dermis that covered her head and yellowy eyes dared to surface from her watery shelter. She was far enough from the beach not to be seen, or at worst, she could have been mistaken for a battered and deflated football, which reassured her. She placidly looked over to the swaying creatures on the sand, lit with the golden and auburn lights of sundown, and listened to the booming bass that reverberated through the waves, spreading throughout her body.

Krotone’s new release, part four in a self-titled vinyl series of essential and authentic UK tools, offers us closing track ‘Altitude’ as a premiere here on Ransom Note. Grounded by a heavy staccato bassline, the track fizzes with snapping analogue percussion and sounds reminiscent of early Digial Mystikz releases.