Premiere: Kreggo – Hey Moon


Beneath the dense black sky was a planet full of people and creatures who had no idea what was about to hit them. Something from deep within outer space was set to change their world forever, plunging the earth into a state of anxiety and disrepair. It was awfully peaceful down there on that planet, some might even call it bliss. One by one the stars began to flicker and shine in the night sky, they looked on with a watchful gaze and drew breath for what was to come. Hey moon, as it emerged and began to fall from above. 

Kreggo is set to release a new EP on Furthur Electronix, a release comprised of intelligent idm, rough rugged electronics and at times great beauty. It's an impressive feat and fits perfectly amidst what is becoming a well renowned catalogue of releases from the record label. 

Listen below: